HBO GO on your Desktop (PC or Mac)

HBO GO on your mobile device

1) What is HBO GO?

HBO GO is an internet-based service that allows HBO pay TV subscribers to enjoy exclusive HBO Originals - series, HBO movies, documentaries and Hollywood blockbusters, over PCs, MACs, iOS/Android mobile and tablet devices, anytime, anywhere.

2) Who has access to HBO GO?

HBO GO service is exclusively available to SKYcable, Destiny Cable, and One SKY subscribers with HBO as part of their cable TV plan. HBO GO is free to SKYcable and Destiny Cable subscribers with the HBO Pak*, and on selected One SKY plans (Plan 2999 and Plan 3999).  For more details, visit mysky.com.ph/hbogo

*HBO Pak refers to the add-on channel pack which carries the full suite of HBO channels such as HBO, HBO Signature, HBO Family, HBO Hits in SD or HD. 

3) Why should I register for HBO GO?

There are many benefits of registering for HBO GO. Among others, HBO GO allows subscribers to have unlimited access to all the content available with one subscription – from the 5 live HBO channels to an in-depth library of blockbuster movies and acclaimed HBO Original content – in a legal manner. Users can log in from registered devices and resume watching any video between the registered devices anytime.

4) What do I get to see on HBO GO?

HBO GO subscribers can enjoy:

  • Unlimited access to over 300 Hollywood movies through 5 live channels and video-on-demand library
  • 5 HBO live channels running 24/7: HBO HD, HBO Hits, HBO Family, HBO Signature and Red By HBO
  • Over 1,500 hours of award-winning HBO Original series and movies
  • Watch new HBO Original episodes same time as the U.S., on live TV or on-demand
  • Full seasons on all series of HBO Original content (uncut version)
  • Subtitles to go with the series/movies

Please visit www.hbogoasia.com to check out the content offerings, including exciting trailers and extra content

5) How often are new shows uploaded to HBO GO?

The latest HBO Originals are available same time as U.S. telecast. Hollywood movies are available within 24 hours after premiering on live channels unless content rights do not permit.

6) Are all HBO shows available via HBO GO?

HBO GO contains an extensive library of HBO Originals that include all of its original series, HBO movies, documentaries and comedies. With over 1,500 hours of HBO Original content, the HBO GO library includes content that has never been seen on the HBO linear service in Asia previously.

7) Is HBO GO available in other countries?

In Asia, HBO GO is available in Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines and Indonesia.

8) How do I register or sign-up for HBO GO?

HBO GO service is exclusively available to SKYcable, Destiny Cable, and One Sky subscribers with HBO as part of their cable TV plan. HBO GO is free to SKYcable and Destiny Cable subscribers of the HBO Pak* add-on, and on selected One Sky plans.

To sign up, simply follow these steps:
  • (a) Download the HBO GO app from App Store or Google Play, or visit hbogoasia.ph
  • (b) Select Sign-In at the top right corner of the HBO GO portal or under the menu tab of the HBO GO app
  • (c) If this is your first time signing in to HBO GO, click on sign up at the bottom of the screen.
  • (d) Select your operator. You will be directed to enter your Sky Account Number and Last Name.
  • (e) After a successful verification*, you will be directed to the HBO GO portal again to enter some user details to complete your one-time HBO GO registration. Some preference details will be required as well for a better navigation experience.
  • (f) Once registration on HBO GO is successful, you can access all HBO GO content.
  • (g) You do not need to register again for your next access. Only your HBO GO username and password are required for sign in. The portal has a ‘Remember Me’ function that allows you to bypass the sign-in process unless it is a new device that you have just registered.

* Valid subscribers

9) Can I watch a live broadcast of any of the HBO channels via HBO GO?

Yes, live streaming of HBO Channels is available on HBO GO. Please select “Live TV” to be able to watch live streams of any of the HBO channels – HBO HD, HBO Hits, HBO Signature, HBO Family and Red By HBO.

10) Can I watch shows and movies on HBO GO in HD?

HBO GO offers true HD quality content. Please note that the quality of content is automatically optimized to your bandwidth availability to provide a better continual playback experience. If you are experiencing poor quality playback, please refer to Question 11 for required bandwidth and Question 38-39 for device compatibility requirements.

11) What is the minimum speed of internet connectivity required to run HBO GO?

The minimum required bit rate is 512kb/sec. (Please note that with a lower connection speed, the video quality will be less desirable). We employ an adaptive streaming technology that automatically matches your broadband speed and the bit rate of the videos.

12) Are subtitles and dual language offered on HBO GO?

Subtitles are available for on-demand content and Live TV. Most of the content shown on HBO GO is in English audio.

13) Is HBO GO only available on desktops?

Besides PC/Mac, HBO GO can also be used on smart phones and tablets running on iOS and Android.

14) How do I download the mobile applications for HBO GO?

The HBO GO App can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play.

15) Will I be able to get access to HBO GO while travelling outside my territory?

You will only have access to HBO GO within the country where your subscription is based in.

16) I do not have an HBO subscription. Can I still browse the content in HBO GO?

If you do not have an HBO subscription, you can still browse the content in HBO GO, watch trailers of the programmes, view web page information and photo galleries. However, you will not be able to check out full video content until you sign up for a HBO subscription.

17) What is the difference between HBO GO and HBO On Demand?

The HBO On Demand service is only available via the set-top-box. The content selection on HBO On Demand is updated regularly.

HBO GO is available on web and mobile devices. When you use HBO GO, you can choose from a wider selection of Hollywood Blockbusters and HBO movies, series and other programming – over 1,500 hours of library and current content that will remain on the service and added on as and when they become available. With HBO GO, you can watch your favourite shows and movies anytime, anywhere.

18) I am already a HBO subscriber, why should I have HBO GO as well?

HBO GO is a value added service for HBO pay TV subscribers. It provides you with a wide range of Hollywood Blockbusters and HBO Originals such as drama series, movies and special programs which you can watch with a mobile device anytime, anywhere.

19) Can I have just HBO GO without an HBO pay TV subscription?

As HBO GO is a value-add service for SKY subscribers, you will need an existing cable subscription with HBO as part of the basic line-up.

20) How much does HBO GO cost?

In the Philippines, SKYcable subscribers with the HBO Pak, or subscribers under One SKY Plans 2999 and 3999 get free access to HBO Go. For more details on subscription fees, please visit mysky.com.ph/hbogo.

21) Can I watch HBO GO on multiple devices at the same time?

HBO GO is available 24/7 on any of the 5 registered devices (subject to two concurrent streams), of an authenticated/verified subscriber.

22) Is it possible to watch HBO content on one device and then continue viewing the same content on another device?

Yes. There is a feature called ‘Video Continuity’ that allows you to continue from where you left off when you switch devices. For example, you may begin viewing content on your PC at home and continue to view the same content on a tablet device while on-the-go. Specifically, you may resume viewing after switching devices from the point you last paused/stopped.

23) How does the Watchlist work?

The Watchlist allows you to create a personalized list of shows or movies you want to watch while they are available on HBO GO. Once you find a show or movie you want to watch, select “Add to Watchlist” on your device. You can add an unlimited number of titles and, from your computer, sort them by release date or title. The items in your Watchlist will remain the same, even when you log in to HBO GO from a different device. Shows will remain in your Watchlist until you remove or delete them, or when they expire.

24) I added shows to my Watchlist but they're not there anymore. What happened?

Shows are automatically deleted from your Watchlist once the content license expire.

25) Can I find content suitable for children on HBO GO?

Yes, content is classified as General (G), Parental Guidance (PG), PG13, 16, 18 and 21. Therefore, you can tailor your viewing choices (and that of your family’s) accordingly. We have a growing library of kids and family movie content.

26) Can I restrict the access for my children?

Yes, the Parental Control feature enables you to restrict your children (or an unauthorised user) from accessing certain types of content. The Parental Control feature is password protected (can be different from login password) and content is restricted according to a selected age guidance– General (G), Parental Guidance (PG), PG13, 16, 18 and 21. When a child (or an unauthorised user) attempts to enter content that has a parental lock, a password pop-up window will appear and prevent further access. Please do not disclose the parental control password to your children or other unauthorised users using your HBO GO account. 

Parental Control can be accessed easily from the settings menu in the application. Parental Control is only available for registered and logged in users.

27) Are there content advisories available on HBO GO?

Yes, ratings and content advisories will be displayed before each HBO GO programme:


Advisory Message


[Please note for G and PG titles, only Rating and copyright protection warning will be displayed. For PG13, 16, 18 and 21, ratings, advisory message and copyright protection warning will be displayed before each programme]


[Please note for G and PG titles, only Rating and copyright protection warning will be displayed. For PG13, 16, 18 and 21, ratings, advisory message and copyright protection warning will be displayed before each programme]


The following program may contain content that may be disturbing to viewers under 13. Viewer discretion is advised and parental controls are available.


The following program may contain mature theme, violence, nudity, sex, coarse language, drug or horror and may not be suitable for viewers under 16. Viewer discretion is advised and parental controls are available.


The following program may contain mature theme, violence, nudity, sex, coarse language, drug or horror and may not be suitable for viewers under 18. Viewer discretion is advised and parental controls are available.


The following program may contain mature theme, violence, nudity, sex, coarse language, drug or horror and may not be suitable for viewers under 21. Viewer discretion is advised and parental controls are available.

28) How does the Download feature work?

You can now watch your favourite HBO original content on the go without an Internet connection on mobile devices and tablets.
Click on the Download icon to start downloading. You are recommended to download the content over a Wi-Fi network to minimize data usage.
You may download up to 20 pieces of content in total across your registered devices. Each piece of content can be downloaded up to two times a month.

Downloaded content will expire 28 days after download or 48 hours after you pressed play.


Download Queued





29) Is all the content on HBO GO available for download and offline viewing?

All HBO original content and selected movie content are available for download. Other movie content from studio partners are not available for download as the studio rights do not permit.

30) Why am I unable to access the Download Feature?

Your device operating system may not support the download function.
View the list of supported devices and operating systems here

31) Why am I unable to download the content that I want?

It may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • a) Studio rights do not permit the content to be available for download.
  • b) Download rights for the content have expired.
  • c) Your device has reached its storage limit
  • d) You have downloaded 20 pieces of content (either on one device or across multiple registered devices).
  • e) You have exceeded the number of downloads permitted for each piece of content. Each piece of content can be downloaded up to two times a month.

32) Can I log in to my device with another account and still watch my downloaded content?

Your downloaded content will be deleted from the device if another account is used to log in on the same device.

33) How can I manage devices?

Currently you can register a maximum of 5 devices. Adding, editing or removing of registered devices can be done in “Device Management”, which can be found under Settings. In the event you reach the maximum device limit, you may replace a registered device with a new device once per month.

34) How can I authorize a new device?

Whenever you would like to authorize a new device (another computer, for example, instead of the currently registered one), you can simply start HBO GO on the device, log in and add a name for the new device. If you have reached your device limit, it will only be possible after the de-authorization of another one.

35) Can I play video on HBO GO from more than one device at a time?

Yes, each HBOGO registered account is allowed 2 concurrent streams across 5 devices.

36) What do I do if I forget my password?

If you forgot your password and/or username, select 'Sign In,' then select your TV Provider, click on the “Forgot Password” tab and follow instructions for recovering or resetting your password and/or username. HBO GO subscribers need to contact SKYcable directly for questions about their mySKY ID and password. HBO GO does not have access to this information.

Contact SKYcable:

We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You may text, email, tweet or call anytime.

Type INFO and send to 23662.  SMS is FREE to all networks.

Email us: skyserves@mysky.com.ph

Like us on Facebook: myskycable, skybroadbandph, skydirectph

Tweet us: @skyserves & @myskyupdates

Follow us: myskyupdates

Hotline: 381-0000

37) Does HBO use or share my account information?

Your privacy is very important to HBO. Our Privacy Policy is openly available and accessible to everyone from the menu.

38) What are the supported operating systems and browsers?

Below please find information on what platforms and browsers are supported.




Internet Explorer (Win)


IE11 compatibility mode is not supported. IE8 and IE9 are no longer supported by Microsoft, and are therefore no longer actively supported. We will consider fixing issues related to these browsers on a case-by-case basis.

Microsoft Edge


Chrome Desktop (Win, Mac)


Firefox Desktop (Win, Mac)


Safari Desktop (Mac)


Safari Mobile (iOS)


Chrome Mobile (Android)


Google no longer supports Android 4.x and older with the Chrome browser.

IE Windows 8 Phone


IE Windows 8 Tablet


Chrome OS


Firefox OS




Wherever Flash Player is needed, the latest version is required.


The “Stock” browser found on earlier versions of Android (often with an icon named “Internet”) has a number of unworkable issues with video playback and is not recommended.

39) What are the supported devices for HBO GO?

Operating System


Download Feature

Apple iOS

iOS 11
iOS 10

iOS 9

iOS 11.1 onward

Airplay via AppleTV

tvOS (AppleTV)

tvOS 10

tvOS 9












Chromecast (Android)

All versions


40) What do I need to be able to access HBO GO from my Desktop?

To use HBO GO on your desktop, you must have broadband internet access and be a valid subscriber in the Philippines (please click here for details).

In addition, you should be accessing HBOGO from a supported operating system and device (please click here for the list of supported devices).

Once you have the above in place, simply go to www.hbogoasia.ph to start enjoying HBOGO.

41) What do I need to use HBO GO on mobile devices?

You can access HBO GO on smart phones and tablets running iOS or Android. To do this, you first need to download the HBO GO application from the App Store (for iPhone or iPad devices) or from Google Play (for Android devices) and sign in with your operator’s credentials. Please click here for the list of supported devices.

42) Who do I contact if HBO GO is not working or an error appears during regular operation of HBO GO?

For technical errors and other enquiries, please contact your Operator’s Customer Support service hotline or email.

43) How much will I be charged to access HBO GO on my 3G/4G internet connection?

Standard mobile operator data charges will apply. For a better viewing experience, we recommend subscribing to a 4G mobile data plan.

44) What are the other devices available for HBO GO?

We are constantly adding new devices to the list. Stay tuned!